briefly and curriculum

Isaac de Martin 

ten strings for sound - time - space
I graduated in Jazz from the Conservatories of Castelfranco Veneto and Vicenza with Sandro Gibellini, Pietro Tonolo, Gianluca Carollo, Enrico Merlin and Paolo Birro. Continuous training in Music (Electronics) with Valerio Murat. I studied for 10 years classical guitar with Maestro Angelo Amato in Venice, nurturing and pursuing the ideal of the guitar as an instrument sounding shy but with infinite expressive potential. Through its timbres and colors, ten string Guitar is better able to reflect the inner emotions which I deal with every day. Then the hot Jazz of the Twenties seduced me so much that, together with pianist Franz Falanga, I founded Adovabadàn Jazz Band, still active in Italy and abroad. Given that music is, of human languages, the most widespread and powerful communicator, I look for and find confirmation of this with the laboratory of Art and Communication Sound Illustrators, which I co-founded with musicians and cr…
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